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Bitcoin seller btcQuick hits nearly $2m in sales

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btcQuick makes it easy to buy bitcoins with a credit card

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Purchased bitcoins from btcquick, not sure how get them into SR wallet

For a number of reasons (Bitinstant on hold, limit reached on Virwox, Coinbase takes too long) I purchased bitcoins on BTCquick. After completing the initial purchase and texting back the confirmation number sent to my phone, I was given two keys on their website, one private and one public. From what I understand, the key(s) is loaded with bitcoins (?). How do I get the bitcoins into my SR wallet using the keys??? I feel as if I'm missing a step in between and cannot find a how-to-guide for reference. I imported the private key into my blockchain account as directed, but don't understand what that accomplished either. It seems Virwox and Bitinstant do these middle steps automatically, so I am unsure how to perform them myself and so cannot get my coins.
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btcQuick.com - Lets you buy Bitcoin's with a Debit or Credit Card!

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Has anyone got any experience with btcquick.com? They offer bitcoin purchase with a google checkout account.

Edit: Bought some private keys. Every think worked fine. Only problem with the service is that they run out of stock fast. Would recommend.
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BTCQuick eliminated charge back fraud in Bitcoin sales!

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btcQuick out of bitcoins?

I've been trying to buy some but they have been completely out for at least 30 minutes. Same for anyone else?
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[BitFunder] btcQuick - Bitcoin Sales Service IPO

Who is btcQuick and what do we do?
btcQuick is a new leader in the market for buying bitcoins with GoogleCheckout.
Google's current payment methods include: Visa, Mastercard, Amex Discover, and prepaid cards.
btcQuick has sold more than $100,000 USD worth of bitcoins since launch.
Chargeback handling: btcQuick uses a simple yet advanced identification process for all customers. Thanks to this, many fraud attempts have been stopped cold in their tracks. The one fraudulent purchase via Google that managed to get through was successfully fought and won using our identification service data.
Shares of btcQuick btcQuick is comprised of 50,000,000 shares in total. One (1) "share" of btcQuick on BitFunder represents 1/50,000,000th of monthly profits after all costs of normal business activities. btcQuick shares offer no voting rights.
Shares issued via BitFunder do not represent equity ownership in any real-world business entity. The shares are solely a distribution mechanism for rights to profits.
As of the time of this writing, up to 32,500,000 shares will be released over time to the public on a varying time scale. Any remaining shares not including in the IPO are owned/maintained/controlled by the current issuer. These shares will be used at the issuers discretion for any uses deemed fit. These uses are not limited to, but may include employment.
Should the company be sold, the full amount of the purchase price will be evenly distributed among the 50,000,000 shares.
So long as btcQuick is a company of less than 4 employees, no salaries will be paid as an expense, and are only paid as dividend payments.
The first "Early-Bird" 10,000,000 shares have been posted for 0.00005 BTC each. Second Batch: 7,500,000 shares will be posted on Friday March 29th for 0.0001 BTC each. Third Batch: 7,500,000 shares will be posted on Sunday March 31th for 0.00015 BTC each. Fourth and Final Batch: 7,500,000 shares will be posted at the discretion of btcQuick for 0.0002 BTC each ONLY after all previous share have sold.
Dividends Dividends will be paid MONTHLY between the 1st and 5th of each month for the prior months profits. A monthly statement will be provided at or around the time of Dividend payout.
First public dividend payout will be for the profits of the month of April. The first four dividend payments will be made roughly weekly on the following days for the first month:
April 8th 2013 April 16th 2013 April 22nd 2013 May 1st 2013
After the May 1st dividend payout, issuer may choose to pay out more frequent dividends than required at their discretion.
Forced BuyBack No forced buyback may be enforced for shares of btcQuick.
Profit History 2012 November - $59.72 USD (Est. 4.7776 BTC) 2012 December - $136.36 USD (Est. 10.18371919 BTC) 2013 January - $415.95 USD (Est. 21.11421319 BTC) 2013 February - $1,790.62 USD (Est. 57.72469375 BTC) 2013 March - Surpassed February already. Exact numbers will be posted on or about April 1st.
How will the raised funds be used? BTCJam currently maintains loan at BTCJam ( https://btcjam.com/listings/2143 ) with a remaining principal balance of about 300 BTC.
First share batch: 300 BTC of the "Early-Bird" will go towards the BTCJam debt to settle all debts. The remaining BTC will be used to increase btcQuick's rotating inventory supply to sell.
20% of funds raised from shares after the first batch will go to the current issuer for the hard work, time, effort and success of btcQuick. The remaining 80% will be added to the inventory cycle.
The issuer is essentially selling off the first 20% of btcQuick ownership to cover a loan, increase inventory and increase profits without directly profiting.
btcQuick in the community You can see from the btcQuick forum thread that our service is in high demand and we are constantly in BTC stock shortage. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=123961.60
Check out these other great forum reviews: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=127840.0
Also, we have a new website in the works to enhance the ease of use, as well as anti-fraud.
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I'm having trouble using miicard to verify my identity to buy bitcoins on btcQuick. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

This is my first time buying bitcoins. I didn't want a 4 day wait using coinbase (I don't have VISA) so decided to go the btcQuick route which needs me to use miicard. So I made a miicard account, added a bank account to it, filled out all the information so that my account setup checklist is %100 complete.
Yet every time I try to login to btcquick with miicard I get this message: "We're sorry but you do not currently meet the minimum Level of Assurance requirements specified by btcQuick." When I googled to try to figure out what the "Level of Assurance requirements" for btcQuick are, I only get articles saying btcQuick now accepts miicard. Nothing useful at all.
I've looked all through my miicard account and I don't see anymore information I could possibly add to it. What am I missing here guys?
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BTCQuick is out of Bitcoins. How long until they are back in stock?

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Buy/Sell Bitcoins with Google Checkout or your Debit & Credit Card at BTCQuick.com

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Instant Bitcoin Purchases at btcQuick - No 30 day wait period - Sign Up - Get Verified - Buy Bitcoins

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We just got interviewed about Bitcoin for China's biggest TV network!

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Whats the fastest way to buy Bitcoin?

Hi, Im wondering what the quickest option for buying bitcoin is.
Ideally, I would like to by a small amount with a credit card. Is it at all possible to do this? Instantly?
My poor google-fu skills tell me that most exchange require a wire transfer or a bank transfer. Have I missed an exchange that has a CC option?
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Possibly stupid question, any reputable places to buy BTC with a CC?

Only looking for a small amount (20$ USD or less) every so often, but I'm having a hard time telling which sites that do accept CCs are reputable. So far my only buying experience is through coinbase and personal transactions.
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Anyone wants to sell me 1 BTC?

I cannot use MTGox or similar as they don't accept Credit Cards or PayPal or similar.
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Small personal purchase. Tumble necessary?

I'm about to make my first deepweb purchase. I lurked on SR for about 8 months before it was shut down, same amount for BMR, and a month or so on SMP. I finally got my balls up and I'm about to make my first purchase (herb). Is bitcoin fog really necessary for a small personal purchase, or would a transfer from a newly generated one time use wallet to a newly generated deposit address be alright? Thanks in advance
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[XBOXONE] 1.5 millions coins for sale, 17$ per 100k coins (Tax covered)

| Cheapest Price Around | | Very Fast Service | | Always in Stock |
$17 / 100k
Discount for bulk
After selling lots of NHL 14 pucks we are now selling madden 15 coins you can see here all the vouches from NHL 14 pucks selling https://www.facebook.com/MartexShop We have an automatic system to deliver the coins on nhl and we will expand the same service to Madden in the next few days, but for now we are selling manually
Skype: majinmartin93 Aim: bigsword333 Payment: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill (Moneybookers)
Don't have bitcoins? its easy to get them! Takes only 15 minutes! https://www.btcquick.com/ or https://localbitcoins.com
We won't go first. If you don't feel safe buy a small amount. We can do increments!
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Major Blocker: Most places will not sell bitcoins via credit card, Paypal

Most places will not sell Bitcoins via credit card, Paypal, etc. This is because there can be a chargeback for credit cards but Bitcoin transactions are not reversible.
This seems to be a major blocker for using bitcoins. Coinbase only supports Visa (I have Mastercard), and people have trouble even getting that beta feature to work.
I don't have a bank. I do not have routing numbers. I refuse to use a bank directly, which is half my appeal to Bitcoins.
Is anyone working on a solution to this? Are there any working exchanges that accept credit cards?
I really expected BitcoinBeginners or Bitcoin to have a large list of exchanges in the wiki or sidebar, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Bitcoin wiki seems to be broken.
It seems everyone is frantic to establish ways to buy things with bitcoins, but the ability to purchase bitcoins is suffering tremendously.
What am I missing?
Update 1: I am currently attempting to sign up for btcquick.com. It has required me to sign up for a miiCard account. The miiCard's verification process requires a smart phone, which I currently don't have. I am trying to get the SMS verification code from a friend through their phone.
Well after the second attempt at relaying an SMS code, I've gotten boned by the person helping. I'm going to go buy a prepaid cell phone tonight. Maybe I can continue on this exploratory venture afterwards.
Update 2: I didn't get around to buying a phone, my options suck. Verizon is so expensive and almost nothing else has worthless coverage around here. I just shut off my smart phones due to my Verizon bill being as much as a car payment. Maybe sometime this week I'll buy a cell phone or get a chance to try an Android app to verify my miiCard account.
This is pretty disappointing. I though buying Bitcoins weren't such a big issue anymore. What is even worse is how the Bitcoin community seem to try to sweep this problem under the rug and try to make people feel guilty for expecting them to be obtainable.
The miiCard Support got back to me and informed me that Google Authenticate alternative to SMS verification they support has been pulled by Google in the last week. I still might try that option with my Android device, if I can ever find it. Maybe the browser plugin they are talking about is pulled, but not the Android app. There seems to be another Android app or two they support as alternatives as well.
Update 3: So I was able to sign up for a miiCard account using the Google Authenticator app for a tablet I have using Wifi only. The problem is that I can't get most of the web to work right on that tablet, including the btcQuick site. Having the miiCard account does not allow me to use a real computer to sign up for the btcQuick stuff and use my tablet to verify. I either need to find someway to run the discontinued authenticator on a PC to get this approach to work. So, this has become long many step process that has run into another dead end. I still haven't settled on what prepaid phone to get as I'm stuck between the options of having poor coverage or inflated prices.
Update 4: So I was not able to verify my credit card with miiCard/btcQuick due to it requiring you to have one of a very few bank accounts. This was a dead end for credit card purchases.
Purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card appears to be not feasible at this time
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[PSA] Guide on how to start using Bitcoins

Introductory video
In the past few weeks, interest in the online cryptocurrency called Bitcoin has increased dramatically, largely due to the rapidly rising price. While it is relatively simple to use once everything is understood, the initial set-up is admittedly daunting and fairly complex. Given that Bitcoin is remarkably useful as an online transaction tool, I hope to clear up some misunderstandings and outline how to quickly and safely start trading with Bitcoins.
How do Bitcoins help me?
Before explaining how to get started, I’ll briefly summarize why Bitcoin is so attractive for traders:
Alright, cool. I’m on board. So what do I do now?
If you’ve decided to buy Bitcoins, the first step is to choose a wallet. A number of options are available, each with their own advantages. I personally recommend blockchain.info’s wallet, since is easy to create and for the most part hassle-free, while also providing additional security and advanced use features. If you intend to store a large quantity of Bitcoins, however, it may not be ideal for you.
Now that I have a wallet, how do I buy Bitcoins?
Unfortunately, here’s where things get a tad complicated, and many people shy away after experiencing difficulties. The primary reason why it is hard to buy is that it is almost impossible to buy Bitcoins using PayPal or any other method that can be charged back. In addition, nearly all exchanges and vendors require some form of identity verification prior to selling; depending on the website, this process may take up to several days. If you anticipate that you will need Bitcoins for a trade in the future, start buying them in advance! Below are a few of the more popular sites to buy Bitcoins internationally; please keep in mind that they all have different verification and funding processes, so you should research which one best meets your needs.
Finally bought my Bitcoins! How do I spend them?
Once you have your wallet set up, but you want to transfer your Bitcoins to another account, simply ask the other person for their Bitcoin Address (it should look like a string of random characters; here is mine, for example: 1GEKaHGoauYSoEHzGj3TRL9tFqrtNA9oUt). The Bitcoins should arrive in the new wallet immediately; as the seller, however, it is important to remember to check that the transaction was confirmed on Blockchain.info (a transaction that can still be reversed will say "Unconfirmed Transaction!" in red).
Of course, use a middleman when buying or selling virtual items for Bitcoins. There is no dispute process: once you send the Bitcoins, they are gone. There is an escrow (middleman) service called BTCrow, which could be cool if someone wants to experiment with it, but I have personally never tried it, and cannot recommend it as I do not know how their dispute process works.
Closing notes:
I started writing this guide over six months ago, but it didn't seem like too many people were interested in Bitcoins after their price crashed at the end of April. Recently many people have been asking how they work and how to invest in them, so I figured it would be a good time to finish this. Bitcoins are a very curious and exciting currency system, and though I am a zealous supporter, I urge everyone to be careful when investing.
To all the other experienced Bitcoin users out there, if I missed anything, please let me know and I'll edit/expand as necessary.
Originally posted in dota2trade, but who knows, maybe you guys find this useful or at least interesting. :)
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btcQuick is awesome! Except for the fees.

btcQuick is an awesome quick way to get bitcoin. It has a high fee that can be reduced over time, but then again with anything instant there is usually a fee.
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Did btcQuick pull a fast one on me?

I ordered a single private key loaded with 1 Bitcoin from btcquick a couple days ago. I have sent several emails requesting information concerning my order that have yet to be returned, and the phone number listed on the website doesn't work. To be honest I'm a little worried at this point. What would you recommend I do?
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However, Bitcoin is not a privacy coin: the blockchain is public to everyone, meaning that all transactions can be viewed (though they’re not tied to your identity). To keep your Bitcoin transactions more private, use a different address for every payment. To do this in our wallet app, tap Generate new address in the Send tab if you’re the ... Bitcoin Cloud Mining is one of the easiest ways to generate bitcoin from home. You do not need to worried about your hardware or electricity bills, Our technical engineers/developers will taking care of your mining hardware to provides the best bitcoin cloud mining services. Starts Bitcoin Cloud Mining now! we're here for you. quality support services. 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re ... Quickdoublebtc is an Online Bitcoin Investment Program, that allow every Members to gain 200% of there Deposit within 50days. Every member can Sign-up and Deposit Minimum of $5 Bitcoin and Maximum of $5000 to Earn 200% with Capital Inclusive, you can Withdraw Minimum of $10 daily, sent to your Bitcoin Wallet. How Does Bitcoin Work? Digital coin exists as records in the publicly distributed database that is open to everyone, called a blockchain. It operates without central management and contains the data of all transactions and addresses of senders & receivers but without personal information about the owners or the number of coins, they have currently. Bitcoin (BTC) is recognised as the world’s first truly digitalised digital currency (also known as a cryptocurrency). The Bitcoin price is prone to volatile swings; making it historically popular for traders to speculate on. Follow the live Bitcoin price using the real-time chart, and read the latest Bitcoin news and forecasts to plan your trades using fundamental and technical analysis ...

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